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Horse Racing. (on the surface area of the observe) drying following a rain in order to be nevertheless somewhat sticky: This horse operates best on a superb track.

H2o or pressurized gasoline is sometimes pumped right into a nonproducing oil effectively to push petroleum methods from underground reservoirs. See also artesian well.

These together with other historically literate observers ponder a long term in which democracy has been bested

hirsute 'hairy' op-ed 'a website page of Distinctive attributes normally reverse the editorial page' collegiality 'the cooperative partnership of colleagues' mistrial 'a demo that terminates without having a verdict' hogwash 'nonsense, balderdash' SEE ALL

The HL-2360DW is a strong selection for anyone who is shopping for a text-only printer that will print through the cloud and will never empty your wallet on toner refills.

a hollow compartment, recessed region, or depression for Keeping a certain item or products, as fish in The underside of a ship or even the retracted wheels of an plane in flight.

just depart nicely alone or merely depart nicely enough on your own to refrain from interfering with something that is satisfactory

When in a position, the plain and best technique is to spend more Strength and time engaged with 1’s calling, regardless of whether via a work or being an avocation.

… was One of the worst educational facilities in the metropolis whose general public instruction may very well be referred to as struggling, at best.

effectively and fantastic used to indicate serene acceptance, as of the decisionif you accept my provide, properly and superior

all for the best, for the good as the website final outcome; to an greatest benefit: At time it was difficult to comprehend how it could be all for that best. Also for that best.

A deep gap or shaft sunk to the Earth to tap a liquid or gaseous material like water, oil, fuel, or brine. If your material just isn't underneath enough force to stream freely through the perfectly, it has to be pumped or raised mechanically to the area.

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as best you can, inside the best way doable beneath the circumstances: We attempted to smooth over the disagreement as best we could.

2018 What soccer authorized Bacca is much like what the earth Cup offers youthful, poorer, fewer highly effective nations: the possibility of competing with and besting the earth’s traditional winners.

a Section of a temperature deck in between two superstructures, extending from one particular facet of a vessel to another.

American-born Canadian physiologist pointed out for the invention and productive scientific software of insulin.

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